The meaning of your screen name?

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Carlisle, PA, USA
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My username is just my last name and the 147 is a state route in my home town. Although I dont live in that town it is one of my favorite state routes in my town to drive.


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Martinsville, Indiana, USA
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Originally I was a huge motorcycle enthusiast and since the '90's a track day provider/organizer. I became an on track instructor and traveled the Midwest doing track days and teaching performance riding

I went through MSF motorcycle instructor training about 20 years ago in order to become a program manager for Harley-Davidson. As the managers job was the end goal all the other instructor trainees knew I was going to be a " motorcycle program boss", hence MotoBoss

I went on to be a Program Manager for a Harley-Davidson dealership, track day instructor as well as a motorcycle lead rider for Buell motorcycles with their country wide traveling demo fleet. Everything was all about motorcycles for near most of my life so I figured the moniker fit.


I'm the one in the blue helmet :tongueout:


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Oshtemo Township, MI, USA
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Boring reason here..........

20+ years ago a co-worker signed me up for some stupid magazine as a joke. One that a guy wouldn't subscribe too and used "jimbofoxman" as the subscriber name. I remember I was a little PO'd about it.........but years later I started using on forums and what not. stuck! It's close to my name anyway (Jim Fox)


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Selah Wa
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I used to have a lot of 60-80 old Mopars. Most were not worth that much when I had them, lots of 63-66 A body Valiants and Darts, some 70's Valiants and Dart, Dusters, and a few late 70's F bodies, Aspen Volare and a couple of M body cars. I even had a project where I put the front of an M body on a F body wagon.
I had some old Dodge trucks then too.
So, my former screen name was Raider, because I had a Mitsubishi Raider that I used off road (lifted, etc) when I sold it I went with OldMopars as a screen name.
I haven't had a Mopar in many years, but with my bad memory too many screen names confuses me, so I stick with what I know.


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Nacogdoches, TX, USA
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Curious what the meaning is behind peoples screen names. Some are easy to figure out, like mine. First name, last initial. Yes, I'm boring. But, there are some screen names on here I haven't been able to figure out. So, what's the meaning behind your screen name? Inquiring minds want to know.
Mine came from my 1st Jeep hence the name I owned it for 30years before letting her go .
Wish i never sold her . Now on my 4th Jeep .
Guess I'm a Jeep guy .
This one named Big RED 1 after my nephews
1st Army Division . He picked the name .
Probably keep this one long time . I tend to do that with my Jeeps love the year of mine 2009