the bittersweet feeling when you get to buy new parts when the old ones break.

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So I got a video walkthrough of the jeep today, and noticed that my rear bumper is rusting pretty bad, too bad so sad, it was an amazing bumper, but its time for a new one. sad to see it go, but got excited at the fact that I get to go bumper shopping.

Does anyone have a ball park estimate on what it would cost to get my bumpers stripped, sandblasted, and powdercoated?? maybe I can save them

Jku Ben

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Out here in San Diego Ca. Powder coating shops are everywhere. Should run around $200 per bumper. Do yourself a favor to make it last a lot longer. Get bumpers sand blasted, zinc dipped then powder coated. If you chip powder coating I.e. rocks road debri etc. the zinc coating will keep steel from rusting.