Suspension Upgrade for 2014 Tacoma

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Greetings all! I'm currently running a 2014 DCSB Tacoma w/ skid plates, sliders, and camper shell, and am looking to pull the trigger on a suspension upgrade. The various options are borderline dizzying and I was looking for input from the fine folks here. I'm looking more to improve overall ride quality as opposed to a lift, but am okay with a moderate lift.

My driving is overall 85% road/commuting and 15% trails more or less. Currently living in Colorado, and most of my driving is on Forest Service and BLM roads. No genuine rock crawling besides negotiating obstacles on said roads. Day-to-day I don't haul heavy loads or tow more than a few times a year, but I'd like to retain the factory capability or exceed it.

The two I'm primarily looking at right now are Icon Stage 2 w/ SPC UCAs, or ADS Stage 1 w/ SPC UCAs and OME Medium Dakars.



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The Toyota suspension was dead after 25,000 miles on my 2010. I upgraded it to a complete OME kit (leafs, springs, shocks, the whole 9 yards) and never regretted it.