Spring break trip to Nevada

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Hey my name is Mike I am looking for help planning a small trip for next month. I am new here to overland bound but I love living out of my Jeep whenever I can.

I am looking to head up to Nevada for sprig break and want to see if you guys can recommend some good places to visit/ trails to do in the Lake Mead, logandale, and Valley Of Fire area. The trip will be short only four days.

So day one I am going to leave southern California, and head to the North West Overton arm of Lake Mead to set a base camp on the water. Does anyone have recommendation of a good spot or cove that is accessible?

Day 2 and 3 are up in the air BUT I do want to explore Logandale, The Valley Of Fire, and check out St. Thomas. I am sure that is about two days of exploring but I do not know any of the trails, does anyone have recommendations?

Day 4 will just be packing up and heading out.

I will try to get lots of pictures to post up along with coordinates for others who want a short get away.
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There is no offroading in Valley of Fire but it is good to check out. Maybe 1/2 day at most.

Logandale and Moapa Valley have enough trails to keep you busy for months.