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Southwest High Desert tour 2016

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Four weeks ago my wife had rotator cuff surgery. Her doc greeted me in recovery with an ear to ear smile telling me, Success ! The first words out of my mouth were, " how long till she can strap on a backpack? "
The doc looked at me as if I had asked, " how long till I can put her back to work in the fields?" I was compelled to explain,, " no, no, a real back pack, for hiking, you know, back country exploration, camping, hiking, 4 wheeling. A smile of relief spread across his face once again as he realized I wasn't in the business of spousal abuse and informed me, "if she works hard at re-hab, she can be ready by February." So, instead of Big Bend and back this fall, it looks like Big Bend in late February, cause guess what,, she is working her buns off at re-hab. I might also add that it just won't be Big Bend, but Big Bend will be our first stop. The photo included here is a brief outline of our plan. We do have a rough idea what happens after Big Bend NP and SP as about the only two places we will need to make formal reservations after BB would be Arches NP, ( map not included, I loaned ours to my son) and Zion NP. The rest of the areas Im not too worried about as the busy season in the Moab region doesn't really start until what, Mid April or so. and the rest will be free camping on BLM lands. These type of maps are our "go to" resource for trip plannning, as they are extraordinarily accurate. We've been to the Moab region, ( Colorado Plateau) thrice before and three weeks was never enough time. This trip, as I retire in less than two weeks, has no time limits. Whenever we tire of the region and decide it's time to head home, well then, thats just what we'll do. IMG_2557 (1).jpg IMG_1756.jpg

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Sounds like a fun trip!

We went to BBNP back in the spring and LOVED IT. There are lots of trails to drive with varying difficultly. None of them are impassable for a mild lift and four wheel drive though. Just keep an eye on weather conditions as we barely made it up Black Gap Road before torrential downpours hit, causing flash floods and closing the roads.

I'm very interested in your other destinations since we are also looking into our trip plans for next spring.