US Southeast - South Core Banks for New Years - 12/28/2018 | OVERLAND BOUND COMMUNITY

US Southeast South Core Banks for New Years - 12/28/2018

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Hope Mills, NC USA
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Looks cool, I have driven many parts of the OBX but have not made the south core...I might head that way, ill let you know after I discuss with the family. Is the ferry $100 to cross one way? Is there a designated camping area or anywhere along the beach we choose?
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Avondale, Jacksonville, FL, USA
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Unfortunately with the government shutdown we decided to delay the trip. Too unpredictable with the shutdown and not even sure if the island will be open. We plan on doing this in march when the island opens up again. That being said: this was the plan and will prob be the same plan in March.

Davis ferry across to the South Core (85 round trip for my Land Cruiser). As for route, we were just planning to stay on south core. Head to the northern end to avoid any traffic heading to the lighthouse in the south. Camping is allowed anywhere on the beach above the high tide line with fires allowed below the high tide line. Two full days on the island with a ferry day on both ends allow flexibility for arrival/departure. The south core island is aprox 20 miles long so if we set up camp in the north, it would give us plenty of trail/beach to explore and about a 40 mile round trip to the lighthouse.

The island is bare bones on supplies and gas. So everything will have to be brought. As well as all trash will have to be brought off the island as there are no receptacles.

While bummed about delaying I think this is the right choice and will allow more planning and prep. Plan on heading up with a small group of 3/4 suvs and welcome anyone that wants to join! Should be a relaxing weekend isolated from the craziness of everyday life and some enjoyable trails as well.


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Sounds like a great trip-we are planning to do Portsmouth or Ocracoke in 2019 at some point. Ill make sure I check back with you guys.
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