SOLD SOLD - GFC Standard Unit #651 - Now In Production - Estimated Completion April 2020

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Growing our family and made a bittersweet trade of our pickup for an suv, so we're going to pass on our place in line for the GFC we have on order.

Estimated date of completion is April 2020. Invoice is paid in full, we're just asking for what we have into it at $7,200. If you want delivery its an additional $2000 through GFC. We're just asking for invoice price, GFC is willing to change names on the order and will deal with the buyer going forward.

  • Unit #: 651
  • Truck Model: 2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Access Cab 6' Bed
  • Space Frame Color: Orange
  • Cabana Panels Color: White
  • Window Options: Front + Rear
  • Tent Options: Driver's Side Tent Door
Check it out with standard options (ours has a few add-ons) at GFC Platform Reservation - Standard
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