US West SOLD For Sale Goal Zero 200W Boulder Briefcase Solar Panel-NorCal $475

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For Sale: Goal Zero Boulder 200W Portable Solar Panel Briefcase

They also come with a 30' Goal Zero extension cable AND a Goal Zero 8MM to SAE 15' cable.

I purchased it in May 2018, but only used a few times .

I'm letting it go for $475.00

New they are $574.95.

Park in the shade and still collect solar power!

You can read about them on the Goal Zero Website!

Thanks for looking!IMG_1454.JPG IMG_1455.JPG IMG_1456.JPG IMG_1457.JPG IMG_1458.JPG IMG_1459.JPG IMG_1460.JPG IMG_1461.JPG IMG_1472.JPG IMG_1474.JPG IMG_1475.JPG
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