Solar Generator

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This is my solar generator

All parts were ordered from amazon
$65 Mighty Max AGM 35 ah battery
$17 Astra 3 port marine volt meter/ 12v outlet/ dual USB outlet
$35 Cobra 400w power inverter
$26 Fat 50 ammo can
$27 Brunton solar charge controler
$25 50' low voltage wire from home depot
$230 Renogy foldable 100w solar panel

The power inverter is mounted to the front of the ammo can and hard wired to the battery. There is a switch on the front of the power inverter to turn on and off. The volt/12v/usb outlet is on the side off set for room in front of the charge controler. The battery is held in place with velcro. The solar charge controller is mounted to the top of the battery with velcro. I also used the provided 12v outlet plug from the power inverter with a female connection to plug into the solar charge controler so the battery can be charged through my vehicles 12v outlet.

I also spent $45 on 3 sunjack USB camp lights
20160208_130422.jpg 20160208_130425.jpg