Signs. Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

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feeling in a comical mood

decided to head over to a local trail head so I could use my hiking poles as the doc prescribed, on hopefully flat terrain

little one loves to have her photo taken by the sign

noticed this nice looking stump, a reason to stop

at a junction we had this sign to the left

to the right were these signs

from there on out it was too steep for me, so we headed the couple hundred yards back to the rig


we decided to go explore Moosalamoo, & of course a sign to let you know

the road to Goshen dam was closed, so we headed for Voters Overlook, which too was closed

if I was thinking I should have gotten a photo of the closed signs :blush: to follow the then unknown theme

right past Moosalamoo campground there was supposed to be a geocahce & this sign

a mountain view, much better in autumn

since there was still snow on the ground & the girls thought it was too cold to hike any trail up there we headed back South to yet another sign

I wonder if the snow will ever melt

the family loves collecting Blueberries here in mid summer

did I say there was snow


another great view

shot across to FSR403 & this sign

rig was sinking,(road wasnt ready to be traveled on, no need to damage an ancient road) so we turned around, with a nice view of where we were

seems we were just here two falls ago picking blackberries & the beaver had done quite the number, deep enough to attract some trout ?

it was fun to get out today & stretch the legs

it is also insane that while out in nature we are also bombarded with signs like we have in civilization

isnt this what/why we go into the wilds to escape?