Secure your loads

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With all the overlanding talk and stuff we tend to take camping.....make sure you secure all your shovels, axes, etc on your rigs.

We don't want this to happen to us or anyone else.
Looks like he’s the owner of a nice new ax. Yeah I have to order some stuff from frontrunner, shovel holder, ax holder and well everything.

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Ive watched things happen over the years to myself and others when it comes to securing gear. Most people don't understand what can happen if the circumstances are correct. With my old four wheel drive club, we would check the new people out for safety. My favorite comment has always been "I've been doing it like this for years and I've never had a problem".
I have seen what happens when a small tool box goes through a windshield. It was secured with a bungy cord. It missed the guy's son's head by inches. He picked a bad line and put his jeep on its side. It didn't seem to hit that hard. Saw a high lift jack go flying. It was secured to the hood of another jeep. He wasn't paying attention, hit a tree stump. The jack tore itself off. Jack, mount and bolts went flying off. As far as it flew, i would not wanted to be in front of it. I can imagine what would happen on the street if he rear ended someone.

Some of us have seen these things either happen or the end result afterwards. The problem is, when people don't secure correctly, they go years without ever seeing a problem and now they believe it's proper. Ever seen a fire extinguisher mount held in with drywall screws? The comment back to me was "it's fine" "I secured it good enough" . I bet that makes a good projectile. I don't believe fire extinguishers should be mounted to roll cages with zip ties or velcro wraps either (seen both).

This is a good thread. It also happens to be one of my biggest pet peev's. One of my favorite things to say (also gets me in trouble) is, "OK....Stop....lets do the math on this." "Now you see where we should change it and why"
I hope I don't offend anyone with my comments. Ive done tech inspections for a few different types of racing and would shake my head on what people have done and what some rules allow. Just because your not racing doesn't mean things should be done wrong.
If your going to be hurt in your rig, odds are it will be on the street and most likely on the freeway (at least here anyway).

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This could have been a whole lot worse. Traveling most of my adult life, I’ve seen tons of items on the road and wondered “how did that end up there”. But like the OP your load
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