Route from California to Oregon

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Gary Culmer

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Hello all. Newbie here. Looking for a route from Nor Cal to Oregon via forest service roads. Possibly from Weed, Ca to Mt. Ashland, or Jackson, Or. Is this a passable route? Has anyone done it or have info on it? Thanks in advance.


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I'm somewhat new to this as well, I'm assuming OBCDR #5 OR #3 are road designation names? Are there maps/info available to see the length and difficulty as well as camping locations etc. Or perhaps there is an app that one can recommend for such adventures

This site should give you all needed info

OBCDR should all be easy, and camping locations are pretty much wherever you want I believe.

Route 3 comes up in the Medford area, and Route 5 is more in the Klamath area.
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If you download Google Maps for that area you will be able to find alternate routes. You should do this anyways when using the OBCDR maps I was on route three this last weekend and most of it is good to go auto some still had snow. Good luck and enjoy the trip