Roof rack on 2 dr Jeep Wrangler

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Frontrunner has a rack for the 2 door Jeep. It seems unbelievably expensive for a shorter roof rack. The one for my Xterra is about $200 cheaper. Gobi makes a rack as well, which is somehow even more expensive.


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At the price point of the Kargo Master, you're not going to find much. Quality rack systems are pricey. I've seen more than one budget rack similar to Kargo Master or Smittybilt that have over an inch of variance side to side.

The Front Runner is awesome if you intend to leave the hard top on the vehicle. You can remove the freedom panels fairly easily. Rhino Rack is also an awesome choice.

The Gobi rack isn't quite as strong as the Front Runner or Rhino, but you don't have to drill holes in your hard top and it does cool tricks.

I made my own roof rack because there isn't much on the market that is no drill and soft top compatible. I needed to haul two kayaks, keep the rain out, and leave the soft top 100% functional. I have about $160 in materials in my rack and it suits our needs quite well.