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Rock Hounds and Gold Panners

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Moha, British Columbia, Canada
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I always pack some pans, a shovel, a pick and a hammer. Ive paid for a few tanks of gas now with nuggets and chunks of jade ive stumbled across. Anyone else around here like poking around creeks for free money? Living in British Columbia theres a lot of opportunity to find a bit of gold and other valuables. But you can find stuff in most places on the continent. So what do you guys hunt for in your areas?


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Garden Grove, California
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We have been part of several Gold and Metal Detecting clubs here in So-Cal , and have even hit the streams in Nor. Cal. too. We have found everything from Gold and Geos to meteorites, and loved every min being out there...
Oh Yeah , We went to Wy. awhile back to a place they dig up Dinos, and one of the collage students gave my Grandson the tip of a T Rex's tooth. The kid is now a dino fanaddic now....
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