Roaming Lost Joshua Tree BLM Cleanup Event (PAST)

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Quite a few OB members showed up. This was a really cool event. Just wanted to share and also say that spot in particular could use some more love. Even after the enormous amount of waste everyone collected. It's gnarly...

@tahoe_adventures and I had an idea of getting one of those towable rake things they use for baseball fields.

There's probably a billion shotgun casings out there. Recycling might be worth some $. $ could be donated to something. Anyway... Pictures! (Can't wait to see Baz' shots)DSC00570.JPGLRM_EXPORT_324435001706886_20190309_220238788.jpegLRM_EXPORT_324414432352181_20190309_220218219.jpegLRM_EXPORT_323290240581806_20190309_214333435.jpegDSC00605.JPGLRM_EXPORT_324187380367999_20190309_215831167.jpegLRM_EXPORT_322158725138982_20190309_212436704.jpegDSC00701.JPGDSC00657.JPGIMG_20190309_161024.jpeg