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Quick Trip Ideas for Land Between The Lakes or Ozark National Forest

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To preface this a bit, now that we're getting phase 1 of the rig complete, and at least a little experience (both in driving and the campsite stuff) under our belt at Expo East, the wife and I are trying to look for some quick trips, both as a quick getaway, but also to practice setting up and tearing down a camp and so on. Right now, really looking for some 1 night trips where we could head out early afternoon, set up camp, dinner, breakfast, relax a while, and head home. That way, don't have to worry about sending someone to the house to feed the cats, or any of the rest of it. Unfortunately, living in West Tennessee means there's not any real dispersed camping places in the area, so from what I can see either LBL or the Ozark National is the best "close enough" option to work. This is where I'm struggling. I'm trying to use OnX at present, just because I got a 6 month premium sub with the Jeep, but in both cases, since we're talking pretty densely wooded areas, hard to spot potential campsites on Google maps or the like. Hopefully one of these days I'll have time to do some exploring on site and mark a few places, but until then, looking for some Cliff's Notes.

Ideally, what I'm looking for would be a route that is a bit beyond just a gravel road, but is easy enough that I don't have to worry about being just us alone. I mean yes, something could go wrong on any trip, but trying to avoid routes where I'd risk needing recovery or the like. Does anyone happen to know of some good spots in either place that are relatively easy to access they could point me to?


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Here are a couple dispersed camping areas in the national forest. There are plenty of sites right in this area and if you want to get off the main road there are many fire roads that will have multiplw
Sites on them.

I’d be glad to meet up with you guys and show you this beautiful place I get to call home.

type the coordinates in your maps and it’ll take you right to it.



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There are a lot of dispersed sites along the Lindsey Motorway in the Ozark NF. Other than the water crossings on the west end, it is not very difficult. I cannot comment about the water crossings as they were very high when I was there in January and I did not try to cross.