Quick 48 Hours at the Lake

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So I always try to sneak in time outdoors when I can, this weekend I had duty at a location near an outdoor recreation area, so I grabbed a campsite instead of a barracks or hotel room, and tested some new gear, rehabbed the older gear, and enjoyed the weather.

My humble abode for the weekend- Friday night was sticky hot and humid.
This little tent is a Litefighter Single Man, they are issued to some Infantry units in the Army these days, and it is no exaggeration when I say it might be the single best piece of equipment the Army has ever given me. Its bigger inside than you'd expect, it has two huge vestibules for your gear, and it packs down to about the size of a Nalgene bottle (seriously). Durability is great, that one is three years old, with many real deal trips to Wyoming in both summer and winter on it. It survived hail storms last summer in Wyoming that wrecked a number of other pieces of equipment. All the parts are available, and if you're in the Military, they have a decent discount for personal purchases. Strongly recommended, this one has replaced my REI Half-dome for solo travel. (always bring Keen Water Shoes, words to live by...)

I always bring the bicycle as well, it has a place of honor in the back of the rig. I try to fit in some single-track exploring whenever I can, and if all else fails, its a great way to get around the camp ground or park.

So part of my new gear testing was this uber cheap small stove ( the bottle was upside down so I could demonstrate to a neighbor why their propane regulator kept freezing.)

I have a single burner Whisper Lite I've had for 15 years that I've always brought for solo trips (it stays in my ruck 24-7) but I picked this up on clearance at Academy Thursday night. I went in just to get mantles for my lantern, you know how that goes...:expressionless:. Any whoo, Its a Camp Chef Ranier, and the build quality is obviously lower than an equivalent Coleman, but for what I want to use it for, it will do nicely. MSRP was 130.00 I paid 59.00. It was well worth it to be able to cook two things at once for dinner, and at breakfast, coffee and eggs simultaneously.

I got in a bit of single track and an ice cold shower.

Saturday Dinner. Nothing beats a ribeye after a bike ride. I made a thin steak, some sweet corn, and chips with local Salsa I picked up at a gas station/taqueria. Very pleasing.

Saturday night was beautiful, about 61 and no humidity.

Sunday morning was nice-
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Great little getaway!
When nature calls... you can only let it go to voicemail so many times! (works on 2 levels, lol)
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