Question to Badland winch owners

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I have a few questions about the Badland 12,000lb winch to it's owners, have any of you swap from wire rope to synthetic rope? 2nd part of the question is did you leave the cable tension bar intact to the winch? or did you remove moved it since you swap to synthetic rope?

I notice as I was spool'n on the new synthetic rope \ pre-tension the synthetic rope install (wife operating the hand control), me guiding the rope to wind up on the drum correctly the cable tensioner bar (smooth round ) hits the synthetic rope adding pressure to the rope & removable rock guard sleeve with some concerning of possible damage.

My old winch never had a tension bar Smittybilt .

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I haven’t really looked at a new winch in 20 years as my S9000 has served me well but I think th BL12k might be the only winch out there with a tension bar. I see no need it. Spooling the winch under tension (1k +/- lbs) is the best way to do it IMO.