Post up the rigs you had in the past (Pics)

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My 95 Blazer, Loved that thing.....Red Riding Hood I Just required to much fixing, every week it seemed to need something.

Most recent one was my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee...Red Ridging Hood II

Red Riding Hood II, the demise.
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image.jpeg Just got it mechanically sound and the new coil overs on when it became clear that I had to reduce the fleet and sell.
Guess the person who bought planned to use as a winter commuter, sad fate as these low mile examples are few and far between, fare ye well...

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Well, I don't have many photos readily available for some of my more awesome past rides, like my '69 K5 Blazer w/ a Cadillac 472 and 6" lift or my late wife's '02 Wrangler TJ, for example....but a found my last 2 rides...

Past ride 1: My '91 S-10 Blazer
Past ride 2: My '73 Mach 1
100_7343.JPG 100_7371.JPG Mach1-2.jpg Mach1-3.jpg


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I was thinking about starting this thread! Awesome let's see now
85 s10 blazer slammed and shaved . Rag top put in. Swapped a multiport injection 305 from a z28 into it.
2008 trailblazer supersport. Pretty fun but not well made
2004 Silverado supersport. Really dug this but at up the front diff twice and the rear end. Lowered 2 inchs

84 cucv 4 inch lift on 33s swapped a 89 clip on to it. Swapped in a 8 lug 10 bolt up front and a full float 14 bolt in the rear with disc brake conversion . I absolutely loved this thing and it seriously bummed me out for weeks when I sold it. But no work and had to pay bills. I honestly would snag another K5 if I could find the specific one I'm looking for.
My 89 crewcab!!! Another one I wish I didn't let go. 6.5 turbo diesel out of a 94 in place of the 6.2 8 inch lift on 38's again lost my job and was out of work for awhile so Had to sell my toys.


And my 2005 sv650 loved that bike


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My former Trans Am

My former 97 Eclipse beater. At least it was a 5 speed.

Here a few pics I googled up that are similar to some of my other rides, since I owned them before digital cameras were really a thing in my life

1988 s-10 blazer. 4.3L, mine had body lift and rims with 30x11.50 tsl sx

1985 Z28 with 350TPI and auto w shift kit that hit hard as hell. FUN FUN car. Also had Cragar flat 5 spokes with tons of used tires to burn off.

1995 Z28 LT1 M6 T-tops Tan leather. Dies by hitting a tree in mid air with my buddy driving, but it did 153 just before the cops hit the lights...long story

1985 Maxima- Borrowed it and moved to FL in it. When I sold it I gave my buddy the 200 bucks I sold it for. Loved that it talked to you, but beat the hell out of this car.

1998 v6 Camaro- Looked good but the M6 V8's got better mpg

1985 s-15 2.8 auto 4x4. This pic cracks me up because mine was lifted about 4 inches and had 5 spoke camaro wheels and 32 mt's on it. Was a piece of junk but fun

Mid 70's CJ5 I took when going to college. Thing sucked. 6 cyl n 4 speed and felt like a deathtrap

90's Mercury Tracer Wagon in wicked gold paint. Had a huge stereo system...well, just because

There are more, but most did not last long or were not worth remembering.

Then The Current Fleet of Rigs

2002 Impala LS That is the DD for the 135 miles a day commute. 3.8L loaded

1993 ZJ V8 I grabbed dirt cheap. Not sure what I will do with it, but did give it one day of pampering and it changed for the better I think. Now I have tires, rims, shocks, TC, and just need some lift blocks to make it true toy

Pic of the wifes 05 Grand Caravan. Now just a back up vehicle we keep around

1988 S-10 4x4 to become a truggy one day I think. Body done from snowplowing, but only 100K on the 4.3L - not my pic...its rusty and parked in the woods so borrowed this pic from web

Wife's Current 2009 Traverse

My current 2006 Trailblazer



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This is my old Cherokee I had a bunch of time and money in. It worked great but was only a two door and didn't hold the 5 of us very well at the time. Sold it and bought my crew cab GMC which I also love, but I miss the capability of the Cherokee all around.

It worked great but we outgrew it and the body was beginning to go so I let it go while I could. I wish I had kept it and swapped all my goodies over to a 4 door body but you live and learn.


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I've had A LOT, so I'll only post a couple of my favorites. (In no order)

1994 F150 Lightning

2001 Camaro z28

2004 Grand Cherokee

2004 Frontier
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Here are before and after pics of my 1974 FJ40. The driveshaft fell out while on the test drive. Couldn't have happened at a better time, ended up paying $750 for it. hehe

IMG_8477.jpg IMG_8478.jpg
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Here's mine, from the above linked "First Rig" thread

1969 FIAT 124 Station Wagon. The first photo isn't mine, but exactly like it. I eventually threw the rack away, as it was more rust than steel. The second photo is us camping on some back road in east Tennessee.

Then a 1988 Ford Ranger. With a cap on it, it was our boat puller, camping gear hauler, and bed on many trips. This is what took me backpacking around Mt Rainier for my 40th birthday. I have the same haircut then as I do now! :)

And prior to the current 4Runner was my 2008 Subaru Outback 2.5XT Limited (known as an OBXT), with a turbo and 5-speed manual, a rare critter.

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