Pismo Dunes Ca

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If anyone comes to my neck of the woods and feels like driving on some sand, the Pismo Dunes is a fun option. It's certainly not off the grid and certainly can be the opposite of "peaceful" at times, but it is fun.

For 5 bucks you can drive on the beach and out into a designated dune area. There are atv's, motorcycles, quads, sand rails...and rigs, all over the place. For $10, you can camp overnight. For a buck per tire, there's even a guy who will air you back up!


They have people that wander around and help you get unstuck for a fee, you can rent all sorts of atv's , you can have a fire ...it can be cool. I prefer peace, but my kids love it. It's also super fun to see how you get on in the sand though!

Note this Jeeps flag is a giant orange bra. (Alrightythen!)

A little peace!

and some play...

if anyone heads out my way, let me know! You can YouTube vids for a Toyota jamboree (it's huge!) and "huckfest" if you happen to want to hurl your rig off a dune. I prefer Big Sur, but this is a fun few hours!