West US Pelican 45 Qt. Wheeled Cooler

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I have a very slightly used Pelican cooler for sale. Do not be fooled that Yeti is better. Honestly, as for comparisons, they all seem to perform about the same. A few things that make the Pelican better than a Yeti is Pelicans are actually made in the USA, not just a American based company. Second, built in bottle opener, now that is handy! Third, is the locking latches which secure the lid are better than the little rubber things on the YETI, RTIC and other coolers to keep the lid secure. These latches give the Pelican a IBGC Bear-Resistant Certification

Also, included is a Pelican wire basket.

Retail pricing:

Cooler - $379 - https://www.sportsmans.com/camping/coolers-storage/extreme-duty-coolers/pelican-elite-wheeled-cooler-45-quart/p/1439524?gclid=Cj0KCQiAg_HhBRDNARIsAGHLV51MXXKJcuv-C_54QxybBywAgSsC0YcWZ_ZXNOh9bpMFuonitRr_LkAaAsFxEALw_wcB

Basket - $36 -

Asking - $325

Local pick-up or coordinated meeting area.


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I love my Pelican cooler for the same reasons plus the build strength and also because I bought my 45 qt on sale at Home Depot and also got the 10% military discount which made it $100 cheaper than the competition.