Pedal commander experience

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A bunch of guys on a Titan forum have purchased them for new gen trucks - nothing but positive reviews. I have one on my Amazon wish list, just dropped to $299.

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I put the PC on my Colorado ZR2 the first week I owned it, ran it for a year then went with a Trifecta tune. The PC improved drivability and transmission shifting. The trans is a common complaint in the Colorado's. Look around for used ones, they are around 2/3 of retail.


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I've heard nothing but great things about it. A shop near me offered to install it for free so I could try it out and if I didnt like it they would take it off. They said they do this for customers and have never had anybody return to remove the PC.

I am still waiting for my 2019 JL 2 Door M/T I ordered but this might be the first thing I install when I get it (after I place my OB badges on obviously).
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I have it on my tundra. Works pretty good. Definitely makes a difference when you turn it up. Haven’t really seen where it improves mpg though. Probably cause I always have it turned up. I just can’t get past the throttle response it gives you!