PCO6's Off Road Trailer Build

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I haven't updated this thread in quite a while. As mentioned above the original trailer took quite a turn as its build and use changed primarily due to my wife wanting to go camping too. I'm using it for solo trips and we're using the "tear pop" for trips together. I didn't photo-doc the revisions to the off road trailer as much as did for the original build. I was in too much of a rush! I did document the mods to the Clipper on another forum but unfortunately the pics got wiped out due to a hosting problem (my fault).

I thought I'd just post some random shots of both. They're well used and will continue to be modified as we go. I have a full summer planned on my Jeep LJ (body & paint mainly) and Jeep WK (uni-body work various mods) but I hope to free up some time to build the fibreglass trailer shown in post #27 above. I'm building a new off road frame for it which will include moving the axle back to a 60/40 split. That will involve a fair bit of fibreglass work.

Random pics ... 20-05-17 2.JPG20-08-22 1.JPG20-10-19 3.JPG21-06-19 5.JPG22-05-13 3.JPG22-05-15 2.JPG
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