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Panamerican ambulance adventure W/ Dino doggy

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ambulance ian

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Hi overlanders! I'm Ian and together with my dog Dino we have converted and are now traveling through Mexico in a '94 E350 ambulance.
The initial idea grew from wanting a sprinter van to a search for an ambulance after a crash on my motorcycle. That same day of my crash I bid for and won an ambulance on EBay! (The motorcycle and myself lived)
I flew to Missouri, picked up my rig and hightailed it out of a bitter cold snap back to California.
I worked on the rig from January to April adding everything nessicary, a lot of over the top and a ton of exotic wood (because I like that kinda stuff in my home).
Teak floors installed, handmade Padauk molding, subway tile backsplash, pulldown bug screens, self closing drawers, swiveling capitans chair, cedar lined closet, anegra and cherry three price swiveling hinged table with telescoping leg, guitar inlay air vents, custom motorcycle and cab racks, foegrass for the roof... you get the point. Once the project was close enough to consider done I was off.

We started south through Baja hitting surfbreaks on the Pacific coast. Quattro casas, shipwreks, Santa Rosalita, scorpion bay, el conejo and more. We tested our 8ft inflatable with its 3.5hp outboard and fished for dinner. Dino is a fan of the boat but if I get close to friends surfing he jumps in to go save them. A fearless waterdog even at the ripe young age of 8 months.

We kicked it around Cabo and the east cape for a week making friends and catching fish and waves. Our new friends became good friends fast and we decided to continue south as a group. Charlie and jazzy two lovely Australians in a converted dodge van and Marcos with Millie Argentinians in "Panamericabus" a 06 ford E450 airport shuttle bus painted turquoise.

With our new friends in tow we hoped a ferry from la Paz to the mainland and started our journey south again. So far we've stuck mostly to the beach except for some incredible time in the hills of Jalisco sipping and learning about tequila. If I went into detail I'd be writing for weeks so all I have to say is please go experience jalisco and tequila for yourself
A bit of a jump forward on the trip and we have separated and reunited a few time but are all together again in Puerto Escondido where we lucked out and caught this years big wave contest (25ft swell) IMPRESSIVE! After some party some brag and some surf I am now here with Dino, on the streets of Puerto relaxing and enjoying a cool breeze after a much welcomed cloudy afternoon with a few sprinkles of rain.

We are two months in on our journey south and plan on making it to the end of the road at the darian gap in Panama then making a Uturn for the eastern route back up.

If you're interested in my trip please let me know. I'm new here and would like to continue posting if it's a help to anyone or inspiration for anyone to get out there and experience this lovely little world we live on.

On a side story I lost my keys today, I lost them right next to the ambulance and the have a little ambulance on the key chain. The lovely local Mexicans that found them had seen me before and knew I was not there. They did not rob me or steel my rig they instead searched town until they found me and returned my keys. Mexico is wonderful and filled with kind warm and generous people, don't ever let anyone tell you any different.

Travel well my friends,