Overlanding With A Baby! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Our daughter was born when Merri and I were both very young. She's now in her early thirties and has a baby of her own now. This past summer we made the journey to her home in Durango Colorado and took her and ten month old grandson Jack on an overland adventure throughout southwest Colorado.

Merri and I not having a baby around us for thirty+ years, and Karis being brand new at parenting, lead us down an interesting and eye-opening path. :grinning:

The video below is a chronicle of lessons learned, along with breath taking scenery of the high mountains of Colorado. We hope you can find time to watch it.



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I see that this was posted a while back but this was helpful for me. We're about to take our 1-year-old (just now turning 11-mo) on a trip from Houston to Ouray in a month and I have my worries. Home is set up so perfect for feedings, diaper changes, entertainment, etc. that trying to satisfy all the requirements while on the road sounds daunting. But I definitely took from your video that slowing down, multiple stops, and patience goes a long way.