Overland Humvees and Hummer H1's

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Hey guys,
My name's Christian and I'm from Mil-Spec Automotive. We create all types of Hummer builds for an overland lifestyle. Wanted to join to be apart of this community and to hopefully help with vehicle, build, and repair questions as well as be able to show you guys some of our builds. Feel free to reach out!


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Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
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Your trucks look really cool. I've spent the last 18 months restoring/rebuilding my dad's 2000 Hummer wagon and intend to use it for Overlanding trips and general fun. My dad used it almost 20 years ago to drive from Los Angeles to the north coast of Alaska then turned around and drove it to the bottom of Argentina. Then drove it around town for years after that. I'm certain I'll be doing more work on it to make it into the vehicle that I want to use for this kind of travel. Question for you, do you guys do any partial work on H1s or do you only do the complete ground up packages you've got listed on your site?