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Hello you all,

As there are more and more european members of Overland Bound, I have the idea to organise a meeting here in Europe for all Overland Bound members, but as it is located in Europe, I guess we wont see much American or other members. LET ME BE WRONG!!!!!

So, as I have in Holland/the Netherlands several tracks/lanes and I know several nice places to stay, I was wondering if you folks would love a Meeting.
First of all, it will take a while, so it is something to look forward to, and secondly you can plan it well.
The Netherlands are best driven in Winter. Mud and rain will make it more interesting. And doing B&B or such kind takes care of the warmth and comfort during those moments. And yes we can camp if that is what everyone likes.

So, I was think about january.

Arriving on the friday/maybe thursday and leaving on the monday/tuesday.
The area will be around Eindhoven. I have some real nice lanes there. Loads of B&B's.
Programm could be.
Friday laning, picking up people along the way.
Friday night, doing film and picture show? Who would like to tell something about their best trip?
Saturday laning and visiting some place to see some dutch tourist culture, hehe.
Saturday evening BBQ and maybe a workshop about Overland gear or cooking gear?
Sunday again some laning and more of the above.
Monday as well.

Please let me know if there is any interest in such meeting? And what would you like what it would look like.
And, for the members coming by plane, I can find some 4x4 rental cars for that weekend. And Eindhoven/Amsterdam/Dusseldorf Weeze are nearby airports. And picking you up isnt a problem.

So, who would like to come?

Tell me.

Greetings from Robert