OC Queensland Australia Overland Bound Australia - Rally 2019.

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Luis Merlo


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Collingwood Park, Queensland,4301
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That\'s right. It\'s time. The date has been moved forward to avoid having 40° days during the event. Also, the location is in New South Wales, closer to Sydney than we have been before in an attempt to get the regions together.

So Nymboida River Camping Area is inland from Coffs Harbour and is just under 5 hours from Brisbane. There is plenty of space for us all and the best part..... it\\\\\\\'s free!

The \"main\" event is scheduled for Saturday 1st June although there will be people there on Friday 31st May.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

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Australia NSW Member Rep

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Hillvue NSW, Australia
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I should be all "official" by then with an emblem and everything, so I would love to join you all there, and the location is essentially in my backyard these days, so it would be rude of me not to make an appearance!
Hello Marcus, Welcome to Overland Bound...I'm Adrian and the new NSW member rep and I'm located just down the road at Tamworth..., you are most welcome to joins us at this Rally..I also will be attending.
Coffs Hbr and some of the hinterland are areas I'm also familiar with although I've never been to Namboida River Campground should be fun!
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