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Outer Banks Experience... or other "on the beach camping options"

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One of the boxes I have on the list of things to check off is to drive up onto the beach and camp out. Similar to what you see the Aussies doing all of the time. I was thinking that maybe someone might have the experience or a list of a couple places where you can actually camp on the beach vice near it.
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Assateague Islands in Maryland and Virginia allow overnight camping on the beach. They do not offer short term passes though. Here is the link. http://www.assateagueisland.com/island_info/beach_travel.htm
I think the the OBX is cheaper but does not have a vehicle limit compared to assateague island. I have been to the assateague location numerous times and you can have massive amounts of beach to yourself bc of the size and small number of vehicles. Great beach combing too!