Oklahoma Overland

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Monday the adventure begins! My son an I will follow the Oklahoma Adventure Trail in our 2002 Xterra. The only deviations planned at this time are two added sections. The first is an excursion into Southwest Oklahoma to the bit of the state where the West Texas ecosystem extends into Oklahoma. One of the primary objectives of this trip is to see as many unique animals (birds) as possible. The other deviation will be a departure from the route in the Cimarron National Grassland. This new route will take us along the Southern edge of the Oklahoma Panhandle. It will turn North near the New Mexico border, and meander through the mesa lands nearly to Colorado before heading back east. It will rejoin the Oklahoma Adventure Trail at Gloss Mountain State Park.

Chad Ellis
Oklahoma Overland


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I would love to see more about the trip... details (I live in MO, might like to reproduce a trip like this), photos, vids...