Off the Grid 2016 - Info Thread!

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Hey all,

Members get the option to pre-register for the Off the Grid Rally 2016. Post here for interest. When tickets go on sale, you will get first priority.

Event Dates:
Arrival: Friday, September 23rd 11AM - Evening
Departure: Sunday, September 25th - 11AM


Alrighty. Here we go! We are open for business! We ONLY have Passenger Passes available. The drivers tickets are sold out. Passengers must designate the driver who already has a ticket at the time of checkout.

We will be releasing the information to the following groups over the next week:

1. Previous OTG 2015 attendees
2. Founder 500 via email
3. All Members via email

If the event has room, we will announce to Overland Bound subscribers and then social.


We could do a 500 vehicle event. We are not going to do that. We like the way the last Rally went, and we are going to retain that feel, and connect with you individually. We like making friends. We will let a few more people in, and increase the value for those that attend. We are thinking 50 to 60 rigs (last year we had 35).


Michael @Corrie

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I'm interested. It's all dependent of when & where too though. Gotta start planning now for an event like this.