Off Road Shops in Germany

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Hello everyone. This is my first post in the OB forums, and I am new to Germany. I'm getting back into the Toyota family with a new 4 Runner and I am looking for a good place to install some upgrades. Could anyone recommend a good shop to do suspension, tires/wheels, and possibly a slimline front bumper? I would love to get a CBI bumper but the shipping price would be insane. The location would need to be somewhat near Mannheim, West of Mannheim would be great. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


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Welcome in Germany, the biggest problem by far is, that the 4 Runner is an uncommon vehicle in Europe.. I saw only a few in the past years.
It´s more a unicorn here.
"extremfahrzeuge" is the only known dealer for 4runner and other more exotic toyo´s in Germany.

Hope I can help you a little bit.

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Harry Centeno

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While I was stationed in Germany I was able to get a Toytec lift kit but never any armor due to the weight. But that was shipping via USPS to an APO
Thanks for the replies. I've seen quite a few 4Runners here but most of them are military stationed here like me, so they're not domestic by any means. I can do most of the work myself without much trouble, however the bumper I'm looking for will for sure be an issue. Like you said, the lift will be ok via APO, as will tires and wheels, but a 50+ pound bumper would definitely be out of the question. I'd really like the added peace of mind that comes with having a bumper and wench but at the end of the day it's not a deal breaker.

I saw the new vehicle today for the first time and man, those stock tires have to go quick. So, I'll most likely stick with suspension and tires for now and work on armor/recovery down the road.

Thanks again.


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I would also recommend Extremfahrzeuge.
They import the 4runner from the US to Germany so maybe they can organize some parts and upgrades too.

Another option could be Toms Fahrzeugtechnik even though they are more specialized in the 70series Land Cruiser.

Welcome to Germany, maybe you've already seen that we're planning a OB meetup here next year. Hope to see you there.

Thanks, I'll check them out. I'm sure if they're that deep in to Landcruisers then doing some minor work on a 4 runner will be no problem. I have been following the meetup thread and I'll be there if at all possible. I'm hoping to get the lift, wheels, and tires done before then.

Thanks again for the recommendations.


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I haven’t been down there in 15+ years but there used to be some shops around K’town where could have something fabbed.


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Hi drite83.
I can highly recommend Taubenreuther. I did a lot of work there (mild lift with BP-51, ARB recovery Points and skid plates , RhinoRack stuff, Rigid auxiliary lights). They are professionals and also german distributor for ARB, RhinoRack, Warn. But unfortunately they are not that close to Mannheim (Kulmbach). It works for me because I live in Nuremberg. I have a 2016 TRD pro that was imported by Extremfahrzeuge. They also did all the stuff for german regulations as I am a german resident. But for more I didn‘t make further experiencies with them as they are to far away from Nürnberg. I am very happy that I have Taubenreuther near by me.
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If you want to learn how to install yourself, I am glad to help. Everything on my Tacoma I did myself and been working on cars/trucks for a long time.