ODBII Monitors (Scanguage II/e, Edge Insight CTS2/CS2, Others?)

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Good Afternoon,

I've been considering getting a Scanguage II for my 4runner to keep track of Temps and monitor the rig while towing. When picking up my truck got to talking to one of the guys who recommended the Edge Insight lineup instead of the Scanguage. Other than screen being larger and "prettier" not sure what it offers.

Basically I want actual readings rather than idiot lights.

Does anyone use these or other similar products? What is your experience?

Also trying to get a clear answer if either will provide Trans temps for the '06 4Runner. Mostly concerned for towing here in the Colorado Mountains.



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I run a bluetooth obd2 adapter with the paid version of Torque pro. I have used it for many years over many different vehicles. The nice thing about this is since it is Bluetooth install is easy and clean since everything is displayed on your phone (or tablet). The other plus is that you can always pop it out and move it to another car very easily, I have done this many times to read codes on other vehicles.

As for the trans temp on the 4runner i can not help with that specific question. But with my set up any perimeters that are set from the ecu can be seen.
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