NOTICE: Please use the recommended format for classified listings

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In order to make the Classifieds Forums easier to navigate as Overland Bound grows, we are implementing a recommended format for the subject line of new postings.

In addition to the already available pull-down prefix (For Sale, Sold, Wanted, Trade) We ask that members include the following information in your title:
  • Location: Either Region, State/Province code, or Country
  • Description: A concise description of what you want to sell/buy/trade
  • Price (if applicable)
  • Shipping: Are you willing to ship, local pickup only, or include shipping
[PREFIX] - [Location] - [Description]- [Price]- [Shipping]

Using these parameters, folks can quickly scan new classified ads and see what's being listed, whether is is nearby, and if not, whether they should bother the poster about shipping.

For Sale - OHIO - Grand piano, like new - $400 - Includes free shipping
Wanted - Midwest - Used Roof Top Tent - Under $1000 - Will travel within 500 miles
Trade - Belgium - I love American beer, will trade local craft beer for PBR and pay shipping both ways!

This format is highly recommended by the Overland Bound Staff and HQ, but will not be required or policed. Please help your fellow members by using it on your classified listings.

Thank you,
OB Staff and HQ
Not open for further replies.