FOR SALE New Tepui Ruggedized Series Autana 3 Roof Top Tent w/Annex (Located in E ID/W WY)

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This tent is brand new. It has been unboxed, assembled, mounted, and opened/closed exactly two times during the two days it's been on the truck. It has not been slept in. The tent is extremely well built, there are zero flaws or issues. In my opinion, it's one of the best built, and better looking soft shell tents you can get, which is why I bought it. The only reason I'm only selling already is because I had a last minute change in plans. These go for $2600 not including tax and the $150+ for freight. Asking $2000. I can meet you within a couple hours from here and will even help you get it mounted to your rig.

More info on the tent from the manufacturer:

The Autana Ruggedized™ is the toughest roof top tent on the market. It is perfect for 4x4 trailers and tough off-road rigs.

- Two built-in screened SKY panels which allow for a great view of the stars and surrounding vistas when the rainfly is removed
- Diamond Plate Base
- 360g Dual Stitched Fabric (40% heavier than standard models)
- Anti-condensation mat (1/2") under the mattress
- Fully wrapped 3/4" heavy duty internal frame
- Heavy duty 3-bolt hinges and welded aluminum base construction
- Extra-large internal pockets, gear anchor points, & bedding Straps
- Fully enclosed annex featuring the same heavy duty material used for the tent canvas.


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