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New rear springs for 04 Rubicon

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I picked up a CDN M101 trailer 6 years ago which I use extensively as an expedition trailer. With an "empty" weight (RTT, tongue box/battery, spare tire, jack) of 1200lbs and a loaded weight around 1600lbs, the rear of my Jeep would sag a bit when towing. I would also get close to, if not hit, the bump stops at times on rough trails. After running the "regular" springs on the 4" lift installed on my 04 Rubicon for the past 6 years, I figured it was time to address the issue.

I friend "in the business" recommended a pair of Currie LJ springs and was able to get me a good deal. Another friend who is my go to guy for welding, wrench turning, etc. assisted with the spring swap. Everything was a piece of cake...disconnecting the axle, swapping springs and reconnecting the axle...until we got to the rear track bar. That was a bugger getting reconnected. Of the hour and a half to complete the job, the track bar took about an hour.

Once it was done I could tell a difference right away. The progressive spring rate still gave a good ride with no trailer, but stiffened up considerably under a load. With the trailer attached the ride was very much improved both on and off road. Definitely something I should've considered sooner.