New member. Pacific Northwest.

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Big G

NorthWest Region Member Rep Southern OR

Off-Road Ranger I

Grants Pass, OR, USA
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Hey. Just joined. What a great resource. Thanks to all who make this work. BK
Hello Brian, welcome to the OB community. I see you're from the PNW, what area? I am the PNW Southern Oregon Region Members Rep.

M Rose

US Northwest Region Director

Explorer I

La Grande, Oregon, USA
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Hey. Just joined. What a great resource. Thanks to all who make this work. BK

Hello BK , Welcome to Overland Bound.
I am the Northwest Director. The Northwest is a huge region. To provide better local support, a city, state/province would really help us put you in touch with the closest member representative. Overland Bound does not give exact locations on the map to protect YOUR Privacy, but it does help us find your proximity if you are in need of assistance.

To help navigate through the forums, here are some links that can be filtered by “Region” prefix. We are in the Overland Bound North America US Northwest Region (US Northwest for short).
Overland Bound Meetups- is where all member generated rally points are posted in forum format for discussion of Rally Point and other types of Meetups. A meetup can be as simple as a group getting together for coffee, a trail ride, or a full in expedition with other Overland Bound Members.
Overland Bound Trip Planning- is a great place to talk about planning a trip wether by your self or as a group.
Overland Bound Routs: Downloadable- is exactly what it sounds like. Search, or share your GPX files here with a description of the route and POIs.
Share your Overland Routes- is similar time the downloadable posted above, but doesn’t require you to share the actual GPX file.
Overland Bound By Region < North America < US Northwest- is where you can find regional members discussing local events, Overland News, and general topics. It’s a great recourse to mete others in the regions.
Member Maps- a great trip planning tool. It can also be used to send out messages to members near your location, or a location you plan to visit.
Rally Point- a tool used to creat Meetups or send out an SOS.
Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask myself or your member representative team. Again welcome and hope to see you on the trails.

Mike Rose
Northwest Director
Overland Bound

Kent R

Executive Director
Staff member

Off-Road Ranger I

El Dorado, Ca
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Ham Callsign
Hey. Just joined. What a great resource. Thanks to all who make this work. BK
Welcome to Overland Bound
It would be very helpful if you could narrow down your location to a city on your profile, that way regional resources can get in touch with you.
Your Regional Director is @ for additional help or information.
Check the forum calendar and Meet-Up page for events, and the Trip Planning page for trips being planned by members. These pages can be filtered by region.
Overland Bound Meetups
Overland Trip Planning
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