New 32" light bar of the cheap verity. | OVERLAND BOUND COMMUNITY

New 32" light bar of the cheap verity.

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Thanks guys. Just a cheap 32" spot/flood light, not even sure what brand. I got it through some trading for my time.
I tried it out last night and not very impressed with it. It does make a lot of light, kinda like a nuclear bomb make a lot of "BOOM". I had to "aim"/position it pointing slightly up due the light being so intense right in front of the truck. The small "fog" light on either side are a nilight brand I got from amazon that actually, for my eyes has a better light.


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I have a couple Nilight Cree LED's on my bumper. They do decent for what I paid for them on Amazon. I'm looking at adding the 12" spot/flood combo to my bumper as well. As cheap as they are, might as well take the gamble. I'm had the Nilight for about a year now and they are holding up decently through all the seasons. However, a couple weeks ago, someone pointed out that one of the Cree LED's is not working on one of my lights. But, it doesn't seem to be noticeable enough for me to replace the whole light.


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I'm running the Nilight Cree LED lights that I picked up on Amazon for next to nothing (comparatively). Verdict so far? Winners all the way around. I can buy a LOT of $50 replacements to get to the cost of a Rigid. I also have an RTIC tumbler instead of a Yeti. I don't like overpriced items for the cool-guy factor. I like practical and functional gear for my wallet's factor.
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