Need a Guest for the Jeep Talk Show on 28 March, 2017

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Root One Six Off Road

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North Carolina
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Overland Community!! Hello, I am Brian, Root One Six Off Road Original. I am looking for a JEEPER who has some Overland experience that would love to be a part of the Jeep Talk Show this Tuesday, 28 March 2017. It is REALLY informal, BUT the goal is to get the word out about Overlanding and motivate other to join this great community!

If you would like to do this, just respond to this thread then I will get it rolling. Just so you know, all you need to do is call in. The show starts at 8 PM EST on 28 March, 2017. More information will be provided if you say, "YES" to this awesome experience!!

Personnally we are interested in Overlanding ourselves, so feel free to hit us up.

Thanks for reading and of course, welcoming Root One Six Off Road to the OB community!

Root One Six -Original