My 2005 Volvo Adventure Wagon Build

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Bought this a little while ago with the intention of turning it into my adventure/ road trip/ dirt road camping wagon and I absolutely LOVE it so far. Not nearly as tough as my old Pajero but its a great daily and I really love driving it so I am for sure looking forward to this build.


First thing I did was swap out the tires for 1 1/4 inch larger Toyo Open Country AT Tires for some more clearance and traction.

Next up was a new upper motor mount, timing belt and serpentine belt but no pictures of that.
From here I am trying to decide what to do next, either I want to build myself a nice low profile roof basket with lights mounted out of 80/20 or a swing down rear tire and fuel carrier. Cost and time wise I think I can only manage one of the two by my next big trip this summer and both would be really nice to have so I would love to hear witch people think would be more useful.

Will for sure be updating this post as I go.
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I think the roof rack/basket would be more useful, especially if you sleep in the car while camping. You can also put the spare tire and fuel up there. It's a good place to store traction boards too, particularly after they are covered in mud after use.
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