Mogollon Rim, AZ

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Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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Weekend trip to Arizona with some great folks to travel the Rim Road and a little bit of the Arizona BDR. Amazing scenery. Most of the road was very smooth forest road that gets a lot of traffic, but parts of the BDR were slow-going and rocky.


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Chester Ca.
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Plums NF Backroad Discoveral Trail trip.

Ok just a quick comment on the trip. The group was great bunch of overlander willing to take on any bad thing on the trail and make fun and passable for every one. Jason the great leader, Thanks for setting up the trail route, love that is a medium level trail.
Also the rest of the group was able to help in that little river crossing up the other side, even a 2x4 truck was able to make it (with a towrope help). I have to say for the first time with this group and first time going out on a Overland Bound rally Iam glad to be a member of Overland Bound.