Meet "Peaches" the LX470

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I thought I'd start a little build thread for our 2006 LX470 that for some reason our kids have named "Peaches". I'm new to Overlanding and trucks in general, so I don't have a lot of advice for the forum, except maybe to not let your 3 year old name your truck.

A picked this up in November 2016
2006 Lexus LX470
Mileage - 175, 120
One owner, services done on time (mostly), and overall in really good shape. It was more miles than I had wanted but my existing truck was on its last leg, so I went for it. This is my first LC/LX470 and I couldn't be happier. I'm that nerd that parks so I can see my truck from my office and smiles every time I walk up and get in.
I took it to the dealership for an inspection and had new rear brakes done, oil change, and I think a new front light bulb. They also said both front axle CV boots were leaking but I decided to wait. Other than that, she was good to go.
Then I headed up to Sonoma to see Gary at Mudrak Custom Cruisers to discuss some modifications. I decided to upgrade the suspension and tires first and went with the Icon Vehicle Dynamics suspension with OME real coils, Slee drop kit, torsion bars, and UCA. For tires I settled on the BFG KO2s - LT305/65R18. My plans of a quick build with front/rear bumpers and sliders was quickly dashed by a furnance repair and silly things like food, heat and clothes for the kids. It'll be a slower build from here but I still should be able to have some fun.
I made the painful decision to do the CV boots at the 180k service but it was needed. Peaches is running fine now.
Looking forward to getting out there on the trails (at least some novice ones) and meeting some of you this summer. I can't tell you how thankful I am for a community like this. I don't think I would've attempted this stuff without something like this. Michael and Corrie and you all are awesome.