Mazama to Tiffany Springs, WA

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Did some adventuring with Northwest Overland this weekend. We drove out to Marblemount to pick up some folks, through to Mazama to get the rest, then up to Tiffany Springs for some camping.

Hundreds of miles were driven. Some on pavement, dirt, and mud, some on ice and snow. People were met. Friends were made. Fears were challenged. Good times were had by all.

So here's to the Monkey's Shoulder, the good cigars and the fire we had them around! Here's to the broken head gasket, the tow straps, and the ditches and cliff sides we slid past, but never into or off of!

I learned a lot this weekend. About my truck. About other people. And about what an amazing state we live in.

This is overlanding.

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Thanks for sharing, I am a member of NW Overland too
I miss WA state dearly, exploring all the logging roads etc
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Yeah, it's been a blast so far! How're things where you moved to?
I am originally from here

we came back home in 1984

VT is different to say the least, so behind the times in some aspects

but I can step off the back porch and be in the wilds, and that I love