M100 Bantam military Trailer

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Ok, this thing is officially in my way. I'm tired of moving it to mow around, haha.

Must come to Powell, TN for pick up. Cash only. No Trades.

I will not deliver unless you pay 50 cents a mile there and back.

I will not discuss bottom or best dollar prior to you seeing the trailer. You can get one at a better price? Then go for it.

This is a 50s or 60s M-100 military trailer / Army Trailer. They were made from a few companies, but I am not sure who made this one.

I basically rescued it from rusting back into the ground. You will see from the pictures that it was in very bad shape when I got it back in May of 2020. I removed what was left of the original floor and welded in 3 additional supports out of 2 inch channel steel. I then welded in a new floor of 14 gauge sheet metal and tacked it to the supports on the underside. I then attached 10 "L" shaped pieces of metal to add support on the outside. The front forward sides (quarter panels?) were rusted out so I cut out that area and patched in some 16ga sheets, about 8x8 or so. The tail gate was made by me as well. 2 inch channel steel and 14 gauge sheet metal and two heavy duty hinges.

The suspension is mostly from a later model M416 that is my primary trailer. The springs on the M100 were trashed as well as the shackles and U bolts. You can see in one picture the original Spring in the top and the replacement spring on the bottom. The replacements are used, but they are good to go. I figured this was the least expensive way to get new hardware on it. The Monroe shocks are brand new.

The entire inside of the bed has been coated with one gallon of Bed Liner.

As it sits, the trailer will need two new tires, lights if you plan to take it on the road, and a way to lock the tailgate. The "passenger" side tire holds air. The "Driver side" will hold air for about a day. I would recommend you either trailer it home or live close by and drive slow. The lights and wiring can be bought anywhere. Maybe $50 to finish that. The tailgate will secure with a rod though the two ears on the trailer end. I'm not going to finish up the trailer with these items. You can add your own touch.

No this is not original. I had to work within cost limitations. I have receipts for what I bought for it. I worked about 40-60 hours. It's not perfect but it will be awesome for chores, farm use, and camping/ overlanding. This is about the best type of Trailer to be pulled behind your Jeep or 4runner.

Dimensions are about 6 feet long, 36-42 inches wide, depending on which part you measure, and about 18 inches tall. Rated for 500 pounds but will haul way more than that. I've gotten 1000 in my 416 before I hit the bump stops.

You will need a pintle hitch to get this home if you pull it.

Price is $900. OBOt1.jpg


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