Cancelled LRCH holiday fair and Dragonriders Travel tour - 03/22/2019

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I'm tempted, just finishing up my camper trailer, which is based on a Narrow Track Sankey, almost read, so should be a great maiden voyage for her/us, and I was already thinking about attending the LRCH 4x4 camping show/trial day.

If I get the old girl (over 50 yrs old) done, I'll let you know whether or not I'll be attending.


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Hello folks,

As nobody said he would come to the campsite and drive the tour with us on the saturday, I think I will cancel my part of the event. If I go to the fair is a bit doubtfull in that case as we have another fair just the week after.
And there we have a full house here hat Dragonriders Travel HQ.
So, if nobody is interested, I leave it.
No problems, but it is just a matter of planning my thing.