Looking for Shops - Turnkey Solution Setup in NJ

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Hey all, 1st post and newbie here. Besides OK4WD, are there other reputable shops in the Tri-state area that can produce turnkey builds? My plan is to have the shop do everything. One stop shop/service in one shot. Sliders, bumpers, winch, armor, lights, wheels, etc... the works. Quick Google directed me to Total Performance and 4x4 Place in Mahwah.

For the build, I am leaning towards the 2015 Grand Cherokee Eco Diesel. It has more torque than V8 Hemi, all the creature comfort of a modern vehicle and for long road travels (yes, you know how long before we get to our starting destinations), but can be made to a very capable overlander (I think). Not rock crawling or anything extreme, just overlanding. 4Runner Trd Pro or Taco Trd pro is just way too much $$$ for a weekend vehicle.

I think I can only go with 1.5 lift but not sure of the largest tire that can fit (will consult shop). If you think WK2 Diesel GC, 1.5" lifted with 31" or 33"is still not the best choice for overlanding let me know. I could just get a 2015-2016 Rubicon but of course, it won't have the safety and comforts of the GC. Rubicon just won't have same space.

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Use whatever your driving now and get out there.....Maybe you will be restricted to forest roads and such till you get your "dream" vehicle. Key is get out there, also get the vehicle that matches what your going to be doing, will you be off-roading or staying on forest roads, if going off road will it be mild or more wild, things to consider and build your vehicle to fit that.....

We have people having a great time in "Street cars"..... again, get out there.