Long term overlanding

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just enjoy life and have a steady source of cashflow.

not from experience, as ive never been on the trail that long. but lifes best stories are the ones where sometimes things didn't go as planned. It will be an adventure regardless.

the only thing I would worry about is cash and vehicle upkeep. the rest is all in the adventure.


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ioverlander app. also, BLM and State forest offices for info and maps. Camping is hella cheap and you can get plenty of free parking too.

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What are some of the best tips and tricks for long term overlanding? Going to spend about 4 months or so on the road this summer
Talk to @Emerson H he just did about 2 months driving from Maryland to out here in California and back. He put a ton of miles on his Jeep... He's a great guy and might be a good resource for you.