LifeSaver Jerrycan Water Filter GIVEAWAY

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Contributor III

Hi guys n gals. We are giving away 2 LifeSaver Jerrycans. We used ours for 2 years while traveling through Mexico and Central America. The Jerrycan worked well, allowing us to drink from taps, rivers, and wells that would have certainly made us sick otherwise. We've received lots of questions about it, so we asked LifeSaver to give you guys a couple and they agreed! (though we had no affiliation with them previously)

Enter to win 1 jerrycan by visiting our Instagram ( ) or Facebook ( ) page and following the directions on the Giveaway post.

The other jerrycan is being given to our patrons on Patreon and you can enter by signing up to be a Traveling Together Journal patron.

If you don't know about the LifeSaver jerrycan we'll give you the whole rundown of our experience in this video