Lets talk auto insurance

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I currently have Liberty Mutual, and to say I am less than impresses would be an understatement, but that is for a different thread. Liberty Mutual does not cover more than $500 in modifications. What insurance company do you use and do they cover your off road modifications? Lift, bumpers, racks, etc? or did you have to have them do an inspections of it? And before someone tells me to use USAA, I am not military or a veteran, so that is not an option.


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Replying back to front:

We had USAA for 8 years and at the end it was pretty bogus for me and not worth the trouble. It was like a bad break up with a Girlfriend. While I never filed a claim, I had gotten one minor ticket. It was 3 months from falling off my record (3 years) when they randomly ran my driving record to "Improve my plan", found the ticket and tried to raise my rates for the next three years. We switched to State Farm with more coverage for less than USAA's original cost, plus added renters insurance.

State Farm will "consider" total value of all the extras you have on your vehicle while not giving you brand new replacement prices. You do have to deny their initial offers because they will lowball you. Which means you have to do your own value research.

The only place I know of that will give you an exact set value is Grundy's but those are for special or classic vehicles. I used them with my Model A and a couple other classics. I did have them on a New modified mustang but they were pretty restrictive as to what I could do with it. ..absolutely no way in the world they would have covered damage on a race track. Which may be similar in thought to purpose built off road rigs like ours.

We recently switched to Travelers because we went through an Insurance Broker while buying our house. It might be worth it to you find an insurance broker in your area so you can tell them what you need and they can find the best price and coverage. Your initial payment will be higher for the broker finding the coverage you want but that's all you'll ever pay extra. From that point on, you'll only have to deal with the broker and not the Insurance company. He or She will be the one arguing values for you if you need to file a claim.

..So far it seem good on paper. Good Luck. :0)


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I have USAA now and I like them, I can add as much accessory coverage as I want to insure mods. I've never had a problem with them and they have been a pretty good advocate when I've been hit by other vehicles.

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@hidesertwheelin, I'm sorry to hear that you have Liberty Mutual insurance. I recently had the most un-pleasurable experience with them last month when one of their policy holders rear ended me. To make a long story short, Liberty Mutual said I was 10% at fault because the other guy said I was moving when he hit me (which I wasn't) So Liberty Mutual only offered me 90% of the repairs and 90% of a rental car. Also it took them 5 days to call me back. Now here's the creepy part. The adjuster I was dealing with looked up my Twitter account. I don't have a FB account but im sure she would have looked it up as well.

hidesertwheelin, you would be better off changing insurance company's because they will rip you off when you really need them. Go to www.consumeraffairs.com and do a search for Liberty Mutual Insurance. Majority of the complaints listed are from policy holders saying that Liberty Mutual didn't cover their end of the policy.