Leitner rack with Softopper or similar

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Throwing this out to see if anyone has any experience. I'm considering the Leitner Active Cargo System rack but would like a way to temporarily enclose stuff in the bed in certain situations. I've seen that the Softopper can be used under the All-Pro bedrack and maybe the Bestop one also. Does anyone know if it will work with the Leitner. Obviously it would not work with the gear pods in place. Conversely, has anyone seen or made a cover that snaps over the Leitner if you want that convenience?
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I’m wondering the same thing! I want a rack option to attach stuff to the outside like rotopax, maxtraxx etc, but I also want an enclosed topper that looks good and actually fits up and forms up to the rear of my tundra cab. Alot of these overland toppers don’t form fit the cab and it looks like shit. I’ve seen nothing except a build someone did for Kevin Cosner and built him a custom cage around an ARE topper.
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I wanted to do the same as what you are referring to. Because I couldn't figure out a way to have what I wanted from whatever available sources, I made my own. I'll be mounting my track boards {XBull} within the next day or 2. They'll up on top to the outside of the basket on the passenger side.. There will also be a swing bracket at the passenger rear corner to be able to hang a 5 gallon solar shower bag..I have a DECKED drawer system in the bed.. That's our sleep surface..Not sure why 2 pics have "X''s to them. Click on 1 and they'll all show up..I made it a "modular" system..


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@Scout , I appreciate the response that that doesn't really answer my question in the original post. Can anyone confirm or deny if the Softtopper will work with the Leitner?
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The Leitner doesn't work I looked into this as well.

If you want a rack and softopper Datin Fabrication is one that will work for sure, there is also upTOP TRUSS Tundra (2014-2020), which might work. Reach out to Micah at Uptop, he told me they can make custom risers for their rack which I think would then accommodate a softopper but they'd know best. Note that the link for uptop doesn't show the cab height model, he sent me photos to my email of the cab height version.

You didn't post a vehicle that this is supposed to mount to though, that might help narrow things down